Manifest Nirvana

A sanctuary for 21st century spiritual explorers

Manifest Nirvana is a sacred space, a shelter and a dwelling place for those whose hearts are drawn to go deeper and higher – those for whom interiority is sacred, for whom metaphysical depth and philosophical clarity are the most deeply cherished values.

In Manifest Nirvana we value intuition as much as rationality, we see wholes rather than parts and we acknowledge the interdependence of all systems, lifeforms and mindstreams in the cosmos.

Manifest Nirvana is a place for people who want to grow emotionally, philosophically and metaphysically in an environment that values and supports evolutionarily inspired transpersonal relationships.

In Manifest Nirvana we see ourselves always as parts of a larger whole, ever interdependent with all of existence, empowered with a measure of agency to co-create the future.