An Inclusive and Nurturing Environment


An Inclusive and Nurturing Environment


The connection space is held by graduates of AWAKEN AS LOVE and other support members, they will be available there immediately in the periods after workshops for 30min-1 hour, and available for support if needed. At other times it will be an open space to connect to others in breakaway rooms – during this time we ask you to be in sovereignty and respect your and other’s boundaries. Our aim is to make this festival as integrative and inclusive as possible so you can have the best experience for yourself. Here are some of the ways we are committed to doing that.

Sharing Groups

Your main point of connection outside of the workshops is in the sharing groups that are held in multiple timezones. This is a chance to individually listen and share what is arising in us in small breakaway groups of 5-6 people. This group might change day to day but you will find that they are a place of mutual support as well as a great way to meet and connect to others.   It can be very touching and vulnerable at times and a gift to hear others as they move through the same human emotions, hopes, fears, and dreams. These will be facilitated and is a confidential space with rules and agreements that will be voiced at the start of each session. 

Inclusive for all Relationship Styles, Ethnicities, Genders and Choices

The festival will offer spaces to support all the choices you make and is an inclusive space. In workshops that offer more intimate exercises, facilitators will allow couples to pair up for those and to choose to stay with their own partner if that is their choice. It will also be possible for individuals (and couples) to experience many different partners in exercises – seeing how it is to practice with a variety of people. Most importantly there will be no emphasis or pressure that one relating style is better than another and we encourage everyone to be really aware of their choices and to communicate as much as possible.

Safe Space

We want to create an environment that supports you and your growth, whilst gently challenging yourself and opening up to new experiences is part of that, hate and intolerance certainly are not! We ask people to remain courteous, respectful, and honoring of each other’s boundaries. Your privacy, boundaries, and sense of safety are most important and we will remove people breaking those trusts. Although the workshops will be recorded, only the facilitator screen is spotlighted so you won’t appear on any of the videos.

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