Awaken As Love

Awaken as Love is a Mystery School that provides Evolutionary Training, Festivals, and online events.  Focused on weaving from multiple wisdom traditions and using tools from Neuroscience, Relationing & Connection Trainings, Integral Theory, Biodanza and Shamanism – Thousands of people’s lives have been transformed through their events.

“Humanity is reaching a critical point where we can either transcend to a new level of existence or become more entrenched in survival consciousness.

Now more than ever, we must not only look inside to awaken, but also outside: to become more mature and conscious in our relations with people, environments, technology and systems.

What’s more – this is not just an individual journey of development, but also a collective journey of evolution. It gives meaning to know we are part of something much bigger than just our personal ambitions!”

Find out more: www.awakenaslove.com